Saturday, January 28, 2023

More Saizeriya at Chinatown Point

Saizeriya, Chinatown Point

Saizeriya has some new stuff on their menu.

Saizeriya, cipollata

Like the cipollata which I've just learnt is a Tuscan onion soup. Supposedly peasant food back in the day. This rendition has bacon bits, egg and cheese. Not bad tasting at all. 

Saizeriya, salmon pineapple pizza extra cheese

What do you know...salmon pizza with pineapple. Also new on the menu. Added extra cheese for $1.50. Nice. 😏 👍🏼 This was my first pizza at Saizeriya. Their crust was thin and almost like biscuit. 

Saizeriya, tuscan lamp chop

I've resisted ordering their Tuscan lamb chop for a long time because the meat was marinated. I've mostly found marinated lamb to be a waste of time. We gave in today and ordered it. Not as bad as we thought because there were bits of fat in the chop that caramelized. Those bits came through with the natural flavour of the meat. 

What also helped was that these lamb chop wasn't sliced very thin like local western food stalls (I don't understand those...half of those were just bones). Still a little tedious getting meat off a cut like this with bone but at least they mostly came off clean.

Saizeriya, Chinatown Point

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