Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Revisiting Roberta's Pizza

Roberta's Pizza, MBS

I don't think Roberta's a thing like they are in NY. This shop at MBS is pricey and represents little value for money which places it out of reach for most people. Not that people couldn't afford it. They just wouldn't be willing to pay MBS prices for what appears to be pretty generic ingredients that are backed up by a tiny media blown reputation. Pretty sure it tastes better in Brooklyn as well even though I've never tried it there.

Roberta's Pizza, bee sting

Not that they are bad here. While Roberta's may lay claim to one of the earliest honey on spicy pizza out there, I personally prefer Cicheti's sopressata to the former's Bee Sting. Maybe there's more flavour from the salami and a bit more presence with the honey. I'm also barely getting any cheese from this which I will sin it for. So I'm just gonna go with - it's not bad per se for this one, just underwhelming.

Roberta's Pizza, truffle lamb sausage

There's a truffle pizza special with shaven black truffles and ricotta and something else. We topped it up with lamb sausage. $5 for a puny handful of lamb sausage bits doesn't endear them to anyone. Credit where it's due, those bits of sausage was flavour packed...I was getting I think cumin and I'm sure cardamom with the salt and lamb-y fat flavour. So intense that I couldn't taste much of the black truffle. My bad with this. 

Roberta's Pizza, MBS

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