Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Why am I back in Sushi Tei?!

Sushi Tei, yuki matsuri

I don't eat here much. For my own reasons. The last time was quite a long while back. But after years, I tend to "forget" why I never come and I get suckered into something seasonal.

Sushi Tei, yuzu buri

So that yuzu buri from their Yuki Matsuri menu. Couldn't taste the yuzu as much as I tried to. By even trying, I'm already trying too hard. If I had to try that hard to just discern a single flavour, I guess it just isn't there. But they can always blame it on their supplier. 

Why did they waste so much ice on a bowl just for these?

Sushi Tei, pitan tofu

Pitan tofu was edible. Not one of the better ones for sure.

Sushi Tei, truffle yuzu mayonnaise ramen

Menu calls this truffle yuzu mayonnaise ramen. I'm not sure why they would think that truffle would pair with yuzu well. That truffle flavour was synthetic with an 'S'. To strip it apart from the name, it's just noodles in ponzu and bits of tempura-ed prawns. Portion was pitifully at 3-4 mouthful of noodles at best was a waste of money. I'm calling it what it was. 

Sushi Tei, miyazaki wagyu fried rice

I ordered their Miyazaki wagyu fried rice with the lowest of expectations even though the menu mentioned A4. Really? All I expected was just fried rice with beef and they failed to deliver even just that. Couldn't even tell the A4 Miyazaki wagyu was beef. For all the browning, there was no flavour. Pepper Lunch is way more beefy than this. 

What was truly odd was the lack of salt in it. Even after a couple of splashes of shoyu, it still tasted bland. That blandness was just...a case for Sam and Dean. Or Mulder and Scully.

Now I remember again why I never come back.

Sushi Tei

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