Monday, February 13, 2023

More seasonals and beef tartare at Atout

Atout, Dempsey

It's been a little over a year since the last time we were at Atout. That last time, we came for their Brittany artichokes and sautéed Mirabelle plums. We were here today for the Vacherin Mont d'Or, black winter truffle and persimmons. What I personally hope for is that one day, Patrick would start making boudin noir again.

Atout, smoked goose rillette
Atout, bread

What also appeared on the seasonal section of the menu today were their house made smoked goose rillette. These were smokey as the name described and had a spice I couldn't put my finger to. Delicious anyways.

Atout, black french winter truffle linguine

Pretty good Black French Winter Truffle linguine. The sauce had a light cream flavour to pair with the truffles. A little low on salt here methinks. Personally I thought cheese and butter would be the preferable combination. 

Atout, beef tartare

Our first time ordering their tartare de beouf - but we kinda knew what we would be getting because we expected that it wouldn't be very different from the one from Le Bistrot Du Sommelier. And we were right. Love the chunky mince of the tartare and their balanced tangy spicy seasoning.

Atout, Mont d'Or

Been a while since we last had the Vacherin Mont d'Or.

Atout, Mont d'Or

Ordered this with onions and bacon. In retrospect, those weren't necessary. The cheese alone would have sufficed. Nice toasty crust we got today.

Atout, persimmom and passionfruit tart mandarin verbena sorbet

Persimmons are in season. The persimmon tart I was looking forward to was a little more fancy than I had imagined but it did the job. Honey flavoured cubes of the fruit on a creamy & tangy cream passion fruit curd cradled in the dense buttery crust. Would be remiss of me not to also mention that refreshing mandarin verbena sorbet on the side.

Atout, coffee

This is the way. To end. Bitter coffee. That soft oatmeal raisin cookie on the side was so buttery.

Atout, Dempsey

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