Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Octopus and more cheonggukjang jjigae at Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정)

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), octopus poster

We've seen this poster on the wall at Ko Ryo Jeong since the first time we were here. Have always been curious about the octopus so we asked about it the last time but it wasn't available. It was today. We had initially assumed that because of the price, what we would be paying for is a set that might come with a stew, other specific dishes and rice. Just like how it was for their ganjang gejang

They explained that this one only consisted of a plate of octopus and the reason it was priced so high was because it was imported from Korea.

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), banchan

Anyway, banchan. Today's kimchi was extraordinary.

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), octopus

Here's the octopus. Did not quite look like what the poster depicted. It was much smaller than we thought. While it wasn't rubbery, it needed a bit more chewing and it wasn't as tender as I imagined. Wouldn't be ordering this again because I didn't think it was worth even half of what they charged. Now we know.

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), cheonggukjang jjigae

Thankfully, the cheonggukjang jjigae was still reliably delicious. Thick, stinky with the fermented bean and served piping hot.

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), rice

First time we were given brown rice here. Didn't realize that they had these and for some reasons, we had never thought to ask as well.

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), the sixth banchan

They ran out of fish cake strips for the banchan and replaced it with these preserved vegetables which tasted like a fibrous version of mustard greens. Don't know what these were.

Ko Ryo Jeong (고려정), International Plaza

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