Saturday, February 04, 2023

年年有鱼 at Etna

Etna, Duxton Road

Our 年年有鱼 at Etna. Looking back (, , , , , , , , , ), the most memorable item I've ordered from them came from the first visit.

Etna, bread

We got those triangular slices of garlic bread today. Those were nice. The focaccia were good for soaking up olive oil or sauces.

Etna, red snapper carpaccio fennel

Red snapper carpaccio with fennel was a special from their board. Didn't think much of it. If one stacked the thin slices of fish, it wouldn't be enough to make even a slice of sashimi. $26? Hmmm......

Etna, beetroot tagliatelle crab seabass mascarpone whiskey

Picture of the beetroot tagliatelle looked pink but this was what we got. There's chunks of seabass and some bits of crab it it. The creamy sauce was not bad tasting at all but I couldn't identify the mascarpone or whisky that's supposed to be in it.

Etna, salt baked seabass

Salt baked sea bass was the most exciting.

Etna, salt baked seabass

For some reasons, I thought of the dying embers from the flames at Etna as the burning salt crust was cracked open.

Etna, salt baked seabass

Nice quality fish. This manager-guy-dude didn't look like he was very proficient with deboning and plating it. He attempted to "olive oil-Bae" it though, through an amusingly jaded look. Anyways...olive oil, salt, garlic and a bit of rosemary - that's all there was to it and it was delicious.

Etna, grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables on the side for the fish.

Etna, pistachio gelato

As much as I didn't want to admit it, Da Paolo's Gastronomia has nicer pistachio gelato than Etna. Sounds sad but that's what it was.

Etna, Duxton Road

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