Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Miss Clarity Cafe, Purvis Street

We've been past this place on numerous occasions at Purvis Street, but have never walked in. Did stop once to look at their menu but there hadn't been any compelling force to step into the place. Now that I've finally done so, I've to admit that they do make a pretty decent risotto and bread pudding. With no disparagement intended, the interior of Miss Clarity Cafe was flushed with bright and cheerful hues of pinks and oranges and yellows and other shiny happy colours. It made me feel that everything is

Red wine risotto with pan seared scallop

This almost looked like it came from across the road at Garibaldi. Almost there. The red wine risotto with pan seared scallop was pretty damn tasty. Something I could see myself coming back for. Liked the risotto pronounced creamy red wine flavour is laced with some something spicy I couldn't identify. It looked like porridge and tasted good.

Risotto Venere with steamed seabass and vegetable cream

The Risotto Venere with steamed seabass and vegetable cream trailed a distant second in comparison with the previous. This was cooked with the same black rice as bubor hitam so I was half expecting it to be sweet. It's wasn't. It tasted creamy and flat. Without any unique identifying flavour. Was also a little put off by the fact that the fish had scales and bones. That fish was also boring.

Theur bread pudding was another hit. I don't eat bread pudding much. Mostly because they often cold, too soggy or too sweet. This one was served hot, firm and not overly sweetened. It was delicious. Something to be enjoyed while it's still fresh off the kitchen.

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