Monday, November 06, 2006

A shard of Chubby wisdom...

"The only people who can really get away with going to restaurant's anonymously are everyday people (which is why blogs have become great resources of reviews). But every person's tastes are different. And what you think stinks may be another person's best meal."
Sunday, May 28, 2006

I was Googling Il Lido and Chubby Hubby's web inadvertently appeared out of the results. Being curious of what he had to say, I popped in and amidst the replies to the commentry, I found the above.

It's not a very deep insight, that above. No disparagement to Aun Koh intended here. Objectively, we're talking about the statement, not the person uttering the words so forget for a moment whom mouthed them.

Rings a whole lot of truth doesn't it? I don't know how many of us have ever given this any thought. But it's probably one of the most resonant statement in the niche of food blogs ever made. That I've read. And it follows with another liner which highlights subjectivity. One that many fails to remember. So what Aun has identified is that celebrity bloggers are disadvantaged (whether they think that or not) by their own statuses in the spirit of candid reviews whilst the everyday littlebodies like me still manage to get around without special treatment. What of individual taste? Does it skew opinions for you? What do you read in what you've read?


mingyou said...

The opinion gatekeeper is dead, long live the opinion gatekeepers!

We need many diverse opinions rather than just one person who gives out his opintin for everyone to follow and believe. Its a great process of self discovery and finding out what works for oneself though it can be confusing!

This is the whole social fabric of the internet and is what's made it so stunningly successful. We should embrace diverse opinions rather than only cling to the established. There's so much richess and facets of truth (even in food reviews) that are revealed by different perspectives on the same topic!

LiquidShaDow said...

Well said mingyou. Food preferences are like art aren't they. It's very subjective to individualism and one man's meat could certainly be the other dude's crap.