Sunday, November 05, 2006

Archipelago Brewery, Circular Road

I have seen this place mentioned a number of times in magazines and have wondered about their brew. Recently, chance had us stumbled upon them. Hadn't realized that it was along Circular road near the Shah Alam prata place just behind Boat Quay. An opportune time to get acquainted with their oft mentioned (from the magazines) custom brews which are the Traveller's Wheat, Trader's Brown Ale and the Straits Pale.

Archipelago Brewery gives a small sampler free of charge to first time customers and does take away orders for food from a Thai eatery just across the road when their own kitchen (with a tiny finger food menu) closes at 10pm.

Probably a preference thing but I didn't find anything appealing about their beer. The Traveller's Wheat which according to their description contains taramind, ginger and Chinese orange peel didn't taste of anything else except the ginger. Trader's Brown Ale was about as exciting as a Kilkenny. The Strait's Pale tasted like a regular beer. I suppose it was so regular that I'm at a loss on how to describe it. There wasn't anything distinguishing about the taste. Also, without even chilled glasses, the drinks aren't going to stay thirst quenching for very long in our humidity.

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