Monday, November 20, 2006

Set Lunch at Menotti

Menotti has a set lunch from 12p.m. that offers a pasta, dessert and either coffee or tea at $19.90. Met up with an old friend Gweezer for lunch so decided to check it out. This will probably be my last visit to Menotti in a while. No, I'm not picking on the food.

I have a couple of nice shots of the squid ink ravioli from the place so I decided that both should be in here.

The portions aren't too big, so it's not as filling as I would like it. The ravioli is stuffed with shredded cod and dressed in some creamy saffron sauce which while wasn't terrible, was also nothing extraordinary as a cream sauce. I generally enjoy cod as a fish with it's taste and texture, so having shredded or smashed cod doesn't really do it for me. I mean, drenched in all the sauce, I could hardly tell the difference.

The Bavette is a seafood pasta (squid, clams and prawns) in spicy tomato sauce. I usually avoid tomato based sauced because I find them the least exciting, but for today's instance, it did reveal itself to be a better option which I think I would have preferred.

Knowing that the ravioli wouldn't suffice to do the trick for lunch, we got a Crochette (crabcakes) to share.

I think I've mentioned acouple of times that these are one of the best crabcakes I've had even though I haven't had it at that many other places. It's also been mentioned to be a tad saltish, but I personally find it to my liking. One of the noted difference between this dish here and Riciotti is that the orange & basil mayo looks completely different. Here it comes as a light milky peach sauce while the latter looks like regular mayo.

That's the Soffiato, the dessert I picked for today's lunch. It's a warm dark chocolate cake, dusted with icing and a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream. The slightly crusty exterior breaks open to reveal a rich sweet chocolate sauce which will spill forth like molten lava. Kinda reminds me of Morton's signature chocolate cake which comes warmer, a bit larger in size, taste a little better and cost a lot more. Chocolate lovers will probably like this.

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