Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chicken rice @ My Rice, Balestier Road

My Rice is a chicken rice stall with a claim to fame which is kinda unique. From what they stall was saying, the chef was formerly from Chatterbox. I don't really know how many chefs have transited over at Chatterbox but assuming things are as they claimed, a serving at $5 beats paying $20 at Mandarin Hotel. My Rice is located at the first coffee shop along Balestier road. If it helps, this coffee shop is known for frog porridge.

First thing I noticed was that there was a fairly generous amount of chicken. Almost Ming Kee portions. Many chicken rice stalls are guilty of flattening the meat of the chicken before chopping them up. I never understood the rationale. It seemed to me that the only reason was create an illusion of a larger portion of meat; and that also incidentally squeezes whatever moisture there might have been out of the meat. Hence dry chicken. This stall didn't do that.

I am often a chicken breast person because I don't like to deal with bones. I got breast meat this time round. Again. That meat was more tender and succulent than I had anticipated. The rice came with saucers of ginger, dark soy sauce and chilli. The latter was more ginger-y than garlic-ky. Their soup for some odd reasons reminded me of french onion soup. I actually finished it so I guess that meant it could have been pretty good.

Besides chicken rice, My Rice also has pan fried vegetables and tofu on their menu. I didn't get the vegetables on recommendation, however the tofu was quite nice.

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Unknown said...

Does anyone know where chicken ric@my rice in balestier moved to? We were quite surprised to see it disappear after the renovation.