Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hog's Breath, CHIJMES

This Australian restaurant known for their prime rib serves pretty decent beef at a price that wouldn't make you tear or gasp when you get the bill. It did however seem to have raised it's prices of the prime rib by a couple of dollars in recent months. But it is Australian beef they're serving here so those of you who swear by U.S. beef, you can stop reading and go watch tv now.

This was my fourth visit to Hog's Breath this year and I've yet to order anything else apart from their prime rib. Which is served in various configurations.

As I was told, the prime rib here are slow cooked for 18 hours and then finished with a char grill. This I suppose might account for the meat being slightly less juicy. They were however very tender and flavourful. Get medium rare. I wouldn't recommend anything beyond that doneness.

prime rib with vegetables and Hog's tail fries

pink and fatty succulence

Their prime ribs come at 300g for a little above $30. There is the option for the mega cut which is 33% heavier at a heftier 400g for $8 extra. Each order comes with sides of vegetables (salad or boiled vegetables) and potatoes (Hog's tail fries, mashed potatoes or baked potato). You get to choose between the mushroom, black pepper or traditional brown sauce. I recommend the brown.


Junie said...

so glad u're back. these prime ribs make me go hungry again!

blueblood said...

i had the chance to eat hog's breath back in queensland and also perth on a few occasions... and I was damn excited when the first outlet opened in Singapore. But i tell you man.. the hog's steak here is nowhere compared to theirs. When you drop by australia next time, look for a hog's breath and try the steaks there! The thoughts of it is making me salivate!

LiquidShaDow said...

Small potatoes will continue making the steaks look

I will remember to check them out if I ever get a chance to go down under again.

Anonymous said...

I tried hog's breath at holland V and was sorely disappointed. Foster's were ten times better in comparison, one which I tried for the 1st time the following day.

anyway, allow me to share.

1st the plain au jus steak came without any sauce! plain steak on its own. The next, a BBQ sauced steak was slathered with nothing but what I would term bbq sauce from a mass produced bottle. the taste was obvious. Cheap trick on their part with all the fancy description.

The meat was almost cold after only 5 mins! didn't look chargrilled in anyway to me. The lines almost looked as if they were drawn by some edible food marker :) i do that sometimes.

The taste was like processed beef, average at best.

The worst part!

I ordered a double burger and you know what? I caught them taking my 2 burger patties out of the microwave as I walked to the toilet downstairs! how could they do that!

how do i know? there were only 3 tables occupied when i was present. 1 had finished their meal and 1 was a big party group that had yet to make their order.

Tell me, i know of average cheapskate cafe's that grill their steaks to make it well done and such but hey, if its hog's breath and its as good as it makes itself out to be, what's with the microwaving of my burger patty?

too thick so have to microwave it to cook the inside? awww, c'mon. both you and i know better.

bottom line, food was pathetic and coffee drinks were nothing to cry about. I'm sure starbucks next door would have done a better job.

4 words. No more for me.

It's my 1st and last visit. Fosters at the end serves food ten times better and yes, I'm going back to foster's for the homely ambience and their very decent fillet fantastique.

I'd be glad to produce my reciept at hog's breath to verify my claims. It's sad, even with so little orders and almost no customers, they had to microwave my patties. It just makes me really angry. next time, dun just claim char grilled burgers. add it in the menu description that its being microwaved as well.

LiquidShaDow said...

I hear you dude. Though I must say that I haven't had such a bad experience myself of that magnitude since I've only stuck to ordering prime ribs. Regarding them forgetting the sauce, I think it's an easily rectified issue which can be overcome by just asking. I agree however regarding the Hickory version which I share the same sentiments. A rather cheap trick of simply drenching the steak with barbeque sauce. I've never ordered it because of that. I'm not sure regarding your reference to processed beef though because I think they all go through certain forms of processing...i.e. ageing.

WuffRuff said...

I love Hog's Breath! So far, its the best value for money (and quality!) steaks that I can find in Singapore! Jus a notch down from Morton's!
Besides the prime ribs, so far everything that I've ever tried here is great too. The chocolate cake thingy dessert rocks. And the chicken breast with avacado on their set lunch menu is the most tender and juicy chicken breast I've ever had!