Sunday, November 19, 2006

Of rotis and tissues and milk

This was a post-dinner snack with tea.

The construct known as roti tissue with condensed milk

Top view from my Eye of Sauron

Terrain of the canvass

If you're acquainted with roti paper, it's drizzled with condense milk. The texture of the pastry is light and crispy and generally appeals to those with a sweet tooth. While I may be stating the obvious, it can be require some finesse to eat. The roti crumbles easily being crispy and all. Utensils aren't really necessary since it's probably more unwieldy. Learn to love your fingers a little. Share the sweetness.


Anonymous said...

may i know where is this place? looooks soooo delicious.

LiquidShaDow said...

I think it's call Teh Tarik Muslim Restaurant or store at Sembawang Road. Quite close to the traffic junction leading to Chong Pang.