Sunday, November 19, 2006

Taste of Thailand, Sembawang Shopping Centre

The funny thing about the Taste of Thailand was that it tasted totally local. Lol. These guys were the typical cze char which operated at a fast and furious pace that I found astounding. I mean, the dishes pictured below came under ten minutes after orders were taken and the place was definitely packed. They must have had a pretty big kitchen manned by an army of cooks that can cook en mass. Anyway, Taste of Thailand graduated from a regular stall with a strong following in the old food court in the basement to a restaurant. I know that because I've had dinners with my family on numerous occasions in the past before it was what it is today. Says something about how successful their business had been. The food was reasonably priced. The place is currently located at the 4th floor of Sembawang Shopping Centre. The photo off to the left is how it looked like at about 6.30pm and didn't diminish at the time after we're done with dinner and left. They look like they've literally robbed the food court currently located on the same storey of most of their business. And no, they don't take reservations.

pineapple fried rice (with a generous topping of meat floss)

Spicy egg bean curd

sambal kang kong

Fried cuttlefish legs (a popular signature dish here for a good reason)

Sweet and sour fried sliced fish

Kung pao chicken (6" ToT

Close up on my portion of the fried rice with the meat floss

As I said before, they're atypical of local cze char stalls. The only difference was that the kung pao chicken tasted different from the regular ones that we're used to eating. The chicken was fried before getting stir fried with the sauce - which didn't taste as rich or delicious as the regular ones. Also, there was very little spiciness in the dish. The above dinner plus another 2 bowls of white rice came up to $35. Lime juice at a dollar each.

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Anonymous said...

do u know where the claypot rice and bbq fish stall from the old basement food court is now ?