Saturday, November 11, 2006

Seah Street Deli, Raffles Hotel

Seah Street Deli, Raffles Hotel
Lunch with Junie today at this NY styled deli located at the perimeter of Raffles Hotel.

Seah Street Deli, Raffles Hotel
What we ordered today were beefy.

Seah Street Deli, tornado in a bowl
Tornado in a bowl

That's what this salad was called. Tornado in a Bowl. And it came with the option of blue cheese dressing which I liked. Above the bed of lettuce, were generous slices of roast beef, mussels, prawns, avocado and bacon. This was my second time having this. Recalled that there seemed to be more roast beef during the previous time. I meant, it was "jaw aching from all that chewing" amount of roast beef. A salad that's worthy of recognition as meat dish.

Seah Street Deli, beef pot roast
Beef pot roast

Seah Street Deli served a delicious pot roast of beef. This stuff actually tasted better than it looked. Because it's thin sliced, the meat was tender and juicy. Their brown sauce was tasty. Came with a small portion of mashed potatoes on the side which were pretty decent. This is something that I could return for.

Ribeye steak

The steak at this place was passable. It also tasted better than it looked. I was actually apprehensive about the quality after having seen the first slice off the steak which reminded me vividly of E.Blackboard. In spite of appearances, it was honestly not too bad. Strange but true. The steak came with a side of a dry baked potato that's topped with sour cream that also felt a little too dry. The boiled broccoli and cauliflower were just that but topped with toasted almond slices.

Seah Street Deli, pumpkin pie
Pumpkin tart

Their pumpkin tart was a disappointment. I ordered this because I remember seeing it on the menu the last time I visited. The disappointment was my fault. Perhaps I've been imagining butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Not sure how I got that thought in my head. This pastry was compact and the fillings did have pumpkin flavour - though it wasn't how I imagined it to be. The cream topping was unexpectedly dry.

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