Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spice India Culinary, Kopitiam @ Bt Batok Central

The above is a rice, naan and tandoori chicken set from Spice India Culinary. Chance would have it that it actually started business for the first day today. I certainly didn't expect that when I was ordering from the store.

This set at $5 came with rice, naan, two vegetables and tandoori chicken. 5 clams for Indian food of the portions above is what I would consider quite reasonable. However it tasted little disappointing.

For a start, the naan is tough. I broke sweat breaking the naan into bite size pieces. It tasted more like a chewy prata than naan. Didn't taste like it was anywhere close to a mile from being fresh. I wasn't given the choice for vegetables which is not the way it usually works. The cauliflowers were decent, but I hated the chick peas. I just didn't like hard crunchy peas on the side. Wouldn't have picked them.

The tandoori chicken, while palatable was not real tandoori chicken. Tasted like fried chicken that's marinated tandoori sauce. The meat was dry with little just a little flavour from the exterior. I can almost swear it's just red fried chicken.

On a more positive note, the ghee rice was quite nice. There's a bowl of white stuff which tasted milky and sweet. No it's not yoghurt if you're guessing from the picture. And it's filled with what I made out to be bee hoon. Hmmm.....if anyone knows what it is, please drop me a note.

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