Sunday, November 26, 2006

Riverside Indonesian Restaurant, Riverside Point

I've been to this place on a few occasions. The restaurant has a set menu (that I always go for) which goes for $10 per person in a 6 dish set which comes with free flow of rice. Each of the 6 dishes comes with 2 separate options. The only qualifier for this menu was that the group must consist of at least 4 persons. The food in this place was mostly grilled and stir fried Indonesian styled dishes. For 10 bucks, I thought was a steal at this part of town. Definitely one of the more economically priced places for dinner. The below are a look at what one can expect.

Charcoal grilled red snapper

Charcoal grilled squid

Claypot curry chicken

Belacan kangkong


The grilled red snapper looked a little unexciting. It's probably because of how the photo was taken and also because it didn't really look visually appealing in the first place. It was however quite delicious. One of the things I like from the menu is the claypot curry chicken. Over the years, the standards seemed to have declined, but still retains enough of the good taste to make me drench my rice with curry and eat more than I usually do.

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