Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2it & drink, Valley Point

2it & drink (#01-01 Valley Point, 491 River Valley Road, tel : +65 6737 3001) - I couldn't understand the thought processes that came out with that name but it's a casual dining joint by Otto Ristorante. While I haven't been to Otto myself, I've heard things about them and I supposed that by virtue of that association, these guys shouldn't be too bad.

The atmosphere was really casual. Reminded me of iO Italian Osteria because of both their naming styles and the setup. It was so casual that the decorum of sequence was totally ignored when we informed them that they food can come as soon as they are ready. We were served our starters just before dessert. :p 

2it & drink, pizza bianca

We had a pizza bianca special from the board for the Chrismas season. Mozzarella, goat's cheese, porcini and speck. The speck brought a nice smoky aroma to the pizza. For something that was made on order and had to go into the oven for a little while, this was surprisingly the first thing that hit our table. Not complaining, just an observation.

2it & drink, pappardelle con salciccia

That's a pappardelle con salciccia from their menu. We requested for blue cheese to be added. Plus a healthy sprinkle of black pepper it made their regular tomato ragu more mellow and rich.

2it & drink, bruschetta

The bruschetta arrived last. Next to last. It's something I normally don't do because I don't have much good experiences with, but this ones had chopped octopus in the tomatoes. And whole olives. Not bad.

2it & drink, tiramisu

Because we had a very positive episode with tiramisu recently, we decided to give this one here a go. It's not bad, however the mascarpone cream to sponge finger ratio was wide.  There was a lot more of the mascarpone than the cake, but it was cake well soaked through. If only the flavour from the alcohol hit harder.

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