Thursday, December 15, 2016

Grandma Ban Mee (老妈子板面), Amoy Street Food Centre

Grandma Ban Mee (老妈子板面), Amoy Street Food Centre

Maybe because of the name, I had expected the stall (#01-07, Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road) to be manned by an old lady. As it turns out, a less than middle aged couple were the proprietors. 

I've never been much of a ban mee person. Never understood why people would cumulatively waste so much of their precious lives queueing for it repetitively. Or how they could enjoy something that was served steaming hot in the sweltering heat of our climate. This one is different. It's dry and there's some edgy looking chilli paste in it. Along with shredded wood ear fungus, marinated mushrooms, fried shallots, dried shrimp and dried anchovies. And what looked like a poached egg. This bowl packed a helluva umami punch if you asked me.

The heat from the chilli was "more bass than treble" if you know what I mean. It had a presence from a slow burn, isn't particularly sharp or prickles so much as far as edgy looking chillis go. But it was fragrant and had enough heat to make one sweat. Played nicely with that umami flavours going on from the other ingredients. I picked up some of their sambal belachan to go along  - added a nice tangy zing and more heat. I'm liking this.

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