Thursday, December 08, 2016

Good Old Taste, The Arcade @ Collyer Quay

Good Old Taste, chicken rice

We happened by this little stall (#01-08 The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay) recently and thought their chicken rice looked good and decided to come back another time when it wasn't during the midst of lunch hour.

This plate was ordered with half soya sauce chicken and the other half, boiled chicken (黑白). It came with some tired looking vegetables and rice that was garlicky and greasy. While that rice may be a prerequisite for some, I generally prefer it a little less oily. The meat of the bird was tender and passes muster easily, but their chilli was a little flat and had just a light prickle of heat. Could have done just fine without that brown goopy sauce.

Anyways, this would fall into the category of one of those that I wouldn't mind eating if I'm in the vicinity provided there isn't a long waiting line - once in a while. It's honestly not bad - just not good enough incentive for me to specially head back into the poorly ventilated greasy alley just for another plate. Not to mention that these guys charge at least 50% from what I'm used to paying. But this is Raffles Place after all.

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