Sunday, December 25, 2016

Buttermilk fried chicken plate and country breakfast from Clinton Street Baking Co.

Clinton Street Baking Co., buttermilk fried chicken

These Southern styled buttermilk fried chicken from Clinton Street Baking Company were pretty good. While these things aren't exactly commonplace in this part of the world and I have little frame of reference, I could judge them by the nicely flavoured crisp on the exterior, the lack of excessive residual grease and the tender meat that was on the bird. Just good fried chicken if a little expensive. That corn bread with jalapeño was nice.

Clinton Street Baking Co., country breakfast

Unfortunately, their country breakfast was disappointing. Their biscuits were shockingly dull - tasted like something that was mass produced. I had honestly expected better biscuits than the kind at PopeyesMeat Smith sure whipped the ass of this one. My over easy eggs hadn't the yolks I wanted!

Clinton Street Baking Co.,

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