Friday, December 09, 2016

A räksmörgås and dillkött from Fika

Fika, räksmörgås

Some Swedish food names that I've picked up very recently after visiting Fika; now that there's a better representation of their food other than what's available in the cafeteria at Ikea. The räksmörgås is basically an egg and shrimp sandwich, open faced. And in spite of appearances, it wasn't half as bland as it looked. The shrimps were lightly salted and there was some mayo for that bit of extra flavour. Otherwise it tasted healthy, if you catch my drift, in a clean flavoured manner. I did find myself liking it. However I was also expecting some fresh dill over the top like they do to almost everything else but that was missing.

Moving on to the dillkött - it is a lamb stew, flavoured with dill. In fact, that rich buttery sauce sauce that you see was dill flavoured. This was amazing - the herb pretty much made the dish and that came with pretty generous portions of cubed lamb that, thankfully, had the flavours of lamb. This was from their autumn menu and I hope that it makes it to the regular one!

Fika, dillkött

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