Monday, December 12, 2016

Hungry Bazterdz, The Arcade @ Collyer Quay

Hungry Bazterdz, mighty cheese steak

One cannot help but notice the Tarantino-esque slant to the name. This was a halal coffee and sandwich shop down at The Arcade (#01-06 The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay, tel : +65 6816 3213) not ten seconds away from Good Old Taste. I had meant, a serious sandwich shop - the kind that have been popping up in recent years properly educating the blessed how hearty sandwiches should be.

I had a Mighty Cheese Steak. Their four cheese sauce was cheesy in a Cheez Whiz manner. Kinda similar to the one at Park Bench Deli with a couple of differences. Their hoagie option comes in toasted baguette with a nice light crisp instead of the seemingly softer bun from PBD. Where PBD was ahead of the game came from their thinly sliced beef which wasn't the case here. These here weren't so thinly sliced nor were they sufficiently tender that each bite involved pulling at the meat and trying not to spill them all over. I might come back another time seeing there's a couple of other sandwiches which looked like they were worth trying.

Hungry Bazterdz, mighty cheese steak

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