Saturday, December 03, 2016

Naughty Nuri's, Capitol Piazza

Naughty Nuri's, orang dua platter

There was some buzz when Naughty Nuri's (#01-84 Capitol Piazza, 11 Stamford Rd, tel : +65 6384 7966) opened up because they originate from Ubud in Bali and are supposed to be some kind of big deal over there. While I haven't been to that one, I've looked at some pictures of it online and it makes our local shop look like plastic. But what do I know right? This place is what it is and the location being where it is doesn't come without some sanitization.

The food was enjoyable though. The ribs that they're famous for had fat laced meat that slid off the bone with ease and yet, bordered by pretty respectable burnt ends of sugary crisp. We liked pretty much everything we had tried off their orang dua platter. Ayam bakar was properly grilled and sweet; cumi bakar could have benefitted with a bit more char; crispy pig ears had a very nice seasoning that worked with the garlicky toum-like sauce. Those thin pencil asparagus topped with what seemed to be the same sambal terasi as the squids was pretty good eating with just plain rice. 

Perhaps the grilled corn was a little boring. The satay looked nothing like the meaty looking ones on the menu because the actual ones were kinda tiny. 

But definitely a good enough experience to come back. Now I'm curious about how the original one in Ubud is like.

Naughty Nuri's

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