Thursday, December 22, 2016

Due Italian at Ramen Gallery Takumen

Ramen Gallery Takumen, Due Italian

I had read about Due Italian some years ago on a blog that featured food in Tokyo so I was kinda surprised that the shop’s ramen turned up as an offering in Ramen Gallery Takumen. I’ve previously mentioned my thoughts on how I felt about how these guys operated, but I was curious enough about Due Italian and decided to see if it was any good.

The guy who started Due Italian is a Kazuo Ishizuka who had been honing his skills with Italian cuisine for more than a couple of decades before going into ramen. What his shop is apparently known for is his fromage ramen which features his blend of cheeses and the inclusion of sliced prosciutto with the bowl. And from what’s mentioned, the shop has been the Bib Gourmand winner for Michelin Tokyo 2015, 2016 and 2017.

So here’s a bowl of their special fromage ramen. The special as it is the practice in ramen-yas, refers to the bowl with the works. For this case, the slice of prosciutto di Parma draped over the rim of the bowl and an ajitama. The broth is chicken based shio. For a start, one gets the melted cheese over the noodles as you eat. After a while when the cheese fully melts, the shio broth becomes milky and cheesy tasting. And kinda salty right at the end.

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