Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas dinner at Keisuke Tokyo

This was the first time we had noticed Keisuke Tokyo do something like a Christmas special. A 3 course dinner which I had initially mistaken the main course for a stew when it was actually a ramen. A ramen that possibly brings  Takeda-san back to the days of doing French food.

Starter was rice with shoyu marinated egg yolk and black truffle that was shaven at the table. While those truffles lent their aroma, I personally felt the star of this was the marinated yolk which brought the richness and the salt to the dish. I'd eat this again easily.

This was the bouillabaisse ramen that was the second highlight. A thick lobster flavoured ramen broth, much thicker than their previous ise ebi tonkotsu from their Four Seasons outlet, with seafood imported from Niigata. Lobster, pan fried sea bream and abalone. The thick broth was rich and robust with flavour as opposed to the accompanying seafood which were more delicate tasting. There was even some garlicky mashed potatoes at the bottom and little bits of charred bacon in the broth.

Dessert was a Shine Muscat blancmange with mint. This was quite sweet and we were glad for the small portions.

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