Sunday, June 20, 2021

Breakfast fish sandwich from Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's, breakfast fish sandwich

I remember having breakfast sandwiches a long time ago from Long John Silver's. A long time like maybe almost decade back? Anyways I got one recently because I haven't had it for ages and didn't mind reminding myself why I don't eat it of how they tasted like. This was their fish sandwich - not the same fish as their regular menu because this one was breaded and not battered. A few criticisms I have. 

The tartare sauce (weak and mostly mayo) overwhelmed the cheese and even the butter on the bread. So note to self, no tartare sauce the next time. Coffee was not nice. No a la carte option was available so I was forced to buy the sandwich as a set with the tater tots and coffee which I know they charged me for. I see this as poor business ethics, nothing more.

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