Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Rat's tail noodles from Ah Xi Prawn Crackers

Ah Xi Prawn Crackers 老鼠粉 lou shi fun

No rats were involved in rat's tail noodles (老鼠粉). Don't recall having gotten any breakfast from Ah Xi Prawn Crackers before but I've tar pow-ed lunch a few times. Here's a breakfast to go with luncheon meat, hash browns, braised pig's skin and a fried egg (hidden below with the rat tails). Not a fan of the brand of luncheon meat they are using. Their pig's skin were kind of chewy - not as tender as I had imagined. Chilli's the spicy and sweet kind.

They're open early for breakfast and have a bunch of other items as well commonly found in economical noodle and cai png stalls. Not exactly the most memorable but very serviceable food in the hood.

Ah Xi Prawn Crackers, Beo Crescent Market Food Centre

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