Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sambal prawn fried rice from Chef Wang Fried rice

The queue at Chef Wang Fried Rice (王厨) hasn't abated. On an off peak hour during the weekday, in and out was still 30 minutes. Tried their sambal prawn fried rice this time. It's edible. Not much heat nor aroma to the sambal which was a little disappointing. What added to the disappointment was that I had to pay additional 50 cents for the sambal. Not worth that 50 cents. Wouldn't bother again even if it was free of charge.

Today's regular fried rice tasted different (opined from another box of pork rib fried rice). No longer getting the Din Tai Fung feel from the flavour. Which was kinda strange because the first time I had it, Din Tai Fung was the first thing that came to mind. If this was the first time I was having Chef Wang's, I wouldn't have even put them together in the same sentence as Din Tai Fung. I gotta stop talking about Din Tai Fung. So erm, I don't think I would rank today's above Wok Hey's even. 

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