Monday, June 28, 2021

Takeaway seafood congee from Reimondo

Reimondo seafood congee

There's an ex convict to millionaire to hawker tale behind the proprietor of this stall (#02-07 Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, 110 Pasir Ris Central). Anyways, they were written about recently for their seafood porridge which was suppose to be good. It's a not bad congee with seafood flavour (mostly smokiness from the bits of smoked salmon I believe) but it's just that. Not bad.

Heard of mention of prawn head infused oil but the flavours from the congee didn't taste as complex as all the ingredients might have suggested. Also not feeling the wok hei people are saying. There're small clams, a couple of scallops, a crab stick, a couple of prawns and some nice soggy you tiao inside. If we're talking about creaminess in texture, Mun Zuk did it better.

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