Monday, June 07, 2021

Dumpling (水饺) noodle with chicken claws (凤爪) from Xing Yun (幸運) Wanton Mee

Xing Yun (幸運) Wanton Mee, Beo Crescent

Xing Yun (幸運) Wanton Mee was another stall that I've mistakenly assumed for being nameless - like the nameless Beo Crescent curry rice just a coin's toss away. Google as of now lists this stall as Lucky Wonton Noodles - not to be mistaken for Lucky Wanton Noodle at Tanjong Pagar. 

Have been wanting to come back for their noodles since the last time. I didn't realize that it had been five years since until now.

Xing Yun (幸運) Wanton Mee

The noodles survived transit, albeit a slightly shorter one, better than the one from Hui Ji did; but I did notice that the proprietor had blanched the noodles in cool water before bagging it. Noodles had a nice aroma from the 猪油 but their 猪油渣 was no longer fresh. Those chicken claw didn't remind me of wet pork floss today. They were slurp off the bone tender and if not for the lack of intensity from the braising sauce, could have rivalled proper dim sum restaurants. 

With five 水饺 plus the 凤爪, I thought it was reasonably priced at five bucks.

Xing Yun (幸運) Wanton Mee, Beo Crescent

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