Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Food from Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki, food

Bought food from Don Don Donki recently. We've seen them every time we were there and have been tempted almost every single time. Most of the time, we just walk away. Not this time.

Don Don Donki, spicy salmon sushi ebiko

Don Don Donki, maguro akami

Don Don Donki, beef sukyaki don

This pre packed sukiyaki gyudon was actually quite tasty. It wasn't excessively sweet as I imagined and those thinly sliced beef had sufficient fat for that beefy flavour. Will definitely get this again.

Don Don Donki, sesame beans

These beans were quite nice. Lots of crushed sesame in it.

Don Don Donki, fried fish cake

Don Don Donki, teriyaki grilled scallops

Don Don Donki, takoyaki

Don Don Donki, aburi kanikama

Have previously mentioned their aburi-ed kanikama.

These cream filled rolls below were much talked about in the local social media group for Don Don Donki. Because of what killed the cat, we bought one to try. Not bad. Pretty light. The cream wasn't as milky flavoured nor sweet so the former is room for improvement and the latter is a good thing. Don't thaw these completely from the the freezer so that there's still some frozen parts of the cream for the "crunch".

Don Don Donki, souffle roll

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