Thursday, March 16, 2023

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), Boon Tat Street

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), Boon Tat Street

Finally got a table for lunch at Um Yong Baek (27 Boon Tat Street, tel : +65 8843 5968). They're the current Korean darling in town these days. Between procrastinations and that it wasn't so easy for find a time slot because everyone else was also trying to get a seat in the early days, it was only now that we managed to eat here.

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), banchan
Um Yong Baek (엄용백), kimchi
Um Yong Baek (엄용백), garlic chilli gochujang
Um Yong Baek (엄용백), buchu kimchi
Um Yong Baek (엄용백), banchan

There wasn't much of variety for their banchan. The kimchi was good enough that we had a couple of helpings, buchu kimchi was kinda fibrous and the green chilli/garlic/gochujang was good with the boiled pork that we had. The last item tasted like local pickled green chilli.

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), Daejigukbab Busan

There were only a couple of daejigukbab (plus a couple boiled pork dishes and pollack roe) available during lunch. The Busan styled daejigukbab had clear broth while the Milyang style has a cloudy broth.

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), Daejigukbab Milyang

I couldn't decide which I liked better between the two. Both were delicious and had good quality sliced pork (belly, shoulder and tripe) in them. Both were also light on the salt. 

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), myeongran-jeot

What works for flavouring were the myeongran-jeot/pollack roe that you could order on the side like we did, saeujeot (think chinchalok) or just salt flakes. The latter two were available on every table.

Um Yong Baek (엄용백), Boon Tat Street

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