Friday, March 24, 2023

Urban Roti, Syed Alwi Road

Urban Roti, Syed Alwi Road

We've seen Urban Roti (101 Syed Alwi Road, tel : +65 6209 5545) numerous times along Syed Alwi whenever we're in the area and/or if we're going to Mustafa.

Urban Roti, Syed Alwi Road

Decor's pretty "industrial" looking. Possibly the only Indian restaurant in Little India with that grey concrete walls and filament bulb lighting interior. 

Urban Roti, samosa chaat

Started off with a samosa chaat - crushed samosa underneath the mint & tamarind chutney, curd and sev. So it's crunchy and crispy paired with sweet, sour, spicy and savoury with a hit of cumin. Not bad. 

Urban Roti, naan

We had some cheese and garlic naan to go with a couple of curries.

Urban Roti, ur duo chicken curry

Curries like their UR Duo of Chicken Curry which featured both a tomato and a palak puree based curry which were redolent of the flavour of onions in them. Texture of both were creamy a viscous. Those chicken chunks in there were smokey...meaning they were chicken tikka.

Urban Roti, dal makhani

There was also a velvety rich dal makhani infused with warm spices, cream and butter.

Urban Roti, egg burji

Had an order of egg burji - eggs stir fried in dice tomatoes, onions, some spices and chilli. These turned out to be pretty good pairing with their cheese naan.

Urban Roti, masala chai

Masala chai was pre-sweetened. It's a lot sweeter than what I normally prefer but for some reasons, it didn't bother me so much this time.

Urban Roti, Syed Alwi Road

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