Sunday, March 12, 2023

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), 313 Somerset

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), 313 Somerset

The name's a little confusing for this one (#B3-10, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road). As I interpret it, the name of the shop is 黔莊 (Qian Zhuang) and they do 黔莊贵州牛羊粉 which is Guizhou styled beef and lamb rice noodles. There are individual sign boards which prints 贵州牛肉粉 (beef pho rice noodle) and 贵州羊肉粉 (beef pho rice noodle). Even though the shop is selling rice noodles and there's the mention of pho, there's no relation to Vietnamese phở. The English name at the front is just Noodle Villa.

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), 313 Somerset

Couldn't Google much information about them. We were mostly intrigued by their lamb noodles......

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), lamb skewers

......and didn't mind some lamb skewers (羊肉串) while at it. The server reminded us that these should be eaten while they're hot because we all know what happens when they cool down. These were not bad tasting but they appear to be fried rather than grilled.

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), lamb rice noodles

No bad at all. I enjoyed it. Liked the fatty tender cuts of lamb they used for the meat. Noodles were smooth, slurpy and had absorbed the flavour from the broth. I added a fried egg which had molten yolk. But I did think there were a couple of things that could have made it better in my opinion.

A stronger lamb flavour to the broth would have made this bowl amazing. The broth to noodle/ingredient ratio also could have been improved by having less broth. Even though I enjoyed it, it was a lot more soup than noodles and meat in the bowl.

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), lamb offal

One of our bowls of noodle was supposed to come with lamb offal, not meat, which they overlooked and we ended up with two bowls with meat. Service recovery was immediate. As soon as we told them, they offered an additional serving of offal on the side for the wrong order.

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), firewood chilli powder

There's some pretty smokey "firewood chilli powder" at each table. Not bad with the meats. Will try it with their broth another time.

黔莊贵州牛羊粉 (Noodle Villa), 313 Somerset

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