Friday, March 03, 2023

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), Star Vista

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), Star Vista

I don't actually remember if we've ever had anything from 老火汤. We've seen that branch at Star Vista (#B1-31A Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, tel : +65 6262 3125) numerous times and have been intrigued by their soups. 

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), red date longan tea

Their longan red date tea was quite nice.

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), pork rib apple snow pear soup 老火苹果雪梨汤

The soup we picked was the one with pork ribs, apple and winter pear. I liked the natural fruity sweetness in the soup. Those pork ribs in there were tender that they were almost disintegrating. I'd get this again.

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), steamed pork patty mustard greens

The steamed meat with mei chye (梅菜蒸肉饼) was.....much more bland than I had expected. I guess we were given the impression that it would be more flavourful from the countless preserved mustard greens we've had. Or maybe it's also the salted fish I had taken for granted would be in the steamed pork patty. Meat was marinated and had an odd texture. Wouldn't say this was bad but won't be getting it again.

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), cereal prawns

Their cereal prawns had cereals that were soft and not crunchy. Also not what I had expected from what I know of regular cereal prawns. Won't be getting these again too. I think it's fair to assume that these guys are only good for their soups which we will probably stick to in the future.

Lao Huo Tang (老火汤), Star Vista

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