Thursday, March 02, 2023

Re-revisiting Swaadhisht

Swaadhisht, Chander Road

I've been wanting to come back to Swaadhisht for a long while. Too long.

Swaadhisht, Thallaseri Goat Biryani

One of the reasons was to try the Thallaseri goat briyani. I had the Malabar version with basmati rice previously so I was just curious how this one would be with the short grained Jeerakasala rice. I couldn't tell much apart from the texture. I liked it though. The curry marinated goat was incredibly tender. Like how one could cut them with a plastic spoon kind of tender.

Swaadhisht, egg curry

We topped that with an order of curry eggs. That delicious curry was savoury and if I wasn't mistaken, almost tangy in a creamy spicy manner packed with some heat. Nice. 👍🏼 

Swaadhisht, aviyal

This wasn't on the menu but we were obliged with a serving of aviyal - a Keralan dish of vegetables with coconut, curd (yoghurt) and curry leaves. Kinda like the wet version of thoran and great pairing with rice.

Swaadhisht, prawn coconut fry

Trying their prawn coconut fry for the first time. The dish was a stir fry of prawns with onions, garlic, coconut and curry leaves in a spicy sweet and savoury black pepper gravy. Not bad.

Swaadhisht, payasam

Our orders came with payasam for dessert. 😬

Swaadhisht, Chander Road

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