Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Porterhouse at Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Robertson Quay

We've finally come over to Wolfgang's for their porterhouse.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, bread

Did they downsize the portions of bread? Not that we needed more...

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, wedge salad

Couldn't resist the wedge salad. 😬

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, porterhouse

That'll be the porterhouse for two. Got that with a side of German potatoes which were also kinda nice.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, porterhouse german potatoes

Arrived picture perfect in those thick sliced chunks of beefiness sizzling in butter. The meat was pretty much how I imagined the steak to be with arguable tenderness, firm and full of bite. I liked that even the tenderloin side had a good flavour which was very obviously the result of their ageing of the meat. 

28 days dry aged I heard and that flavour beat that 30 days dry aged piece from The Ranch. This was obviously at least a level up from that. 

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, porterhouse

Couldn't let any of those go to waste.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, key lime pie

Pretty enjoyable key lime pie even though it was really sweet with the condense milk flavour through the citrus. 

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, coffee

A bitter brew after the pie.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Robertson Quay

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