Sunday, March 26, 2023

More mille crepe from Lady M

Lady M, rose mille crepe

Revisiting Lady M. Not as impressed this time round. That rose mille crepe has rose flavouring only on the layer of jelly on the top. The bottom tasted like the regular mille crepe so with that kind ratio, it wasn't that rose-y.

Lady M, sakura mille crepe

There's a limited time sakura flavour. Tasted like some berry yoghurt to me. Couldn't get what's sakura about it except for the colour. Also, this one had a sweetness that got cloying fast. In comparison with the ones we had in the previous/first visit, today was unexpectedly disappointing.

Lady M, creme de la rose tea

Tried the creme de la rose with tea instead of coffee today. Not a bad rose flavoured milk tea but it was a little more than a little too sweet as it compounded on the mille crepe.

Lady M, Orchard Central

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