Thursday, March 09, 2023

Tokyo Soba at their new shop

Tokyo Soba, Icon Village

This was our first visit to Tokyo Soba after they've relocated to the unit nearby (#01-12/13/14 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, tel  : +65 6410 9353) from their old spot which has been taken over by AmiYaki.

Tokyo Soba, mushroom soba

A mushroom-y mushroom soba. Hah!

Tokyo Soba, black sesame soba basa tempura

There's a black sesame soba on limited run. No black sesame flavour in it if anyone was wondering. In any case, the dominant flavour for their cold soba will always be the savoury smokiness from the tsuyu. Not a fan of the basa tempura which had a texture like the overly soft dory that's used in many local fish and chips.

Tokyo Soba, natto tsutsumi age

I mentioned their natto tsutsumi age previously.

Tokyo Soba, natto tsutsumi age

These were loaded.

Tokyo Soba, Icon Village

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