Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak, Amoy Street Food Centre

Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak, nasi lemak ayam berempah

What got my attention was the huge fried chicken thigh berempah from Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak (#02-119 Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road). Nicely done with a flavourful dark & crusty exterior paired with very moist meat underneath. Sadly, their rice never rose above the mediocrity that was the case with many other nasi lemak from the lack of salt - salt that could have brought out more flavour from the coconut that was infused in the rice. Not a fan of their sweet sambal as well but that shouldn't even have mattered if the rice had been good enough to eat on its own.

Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak, mutton rendang

I asked for a portion of the mutton rendang because I was curious. Didn't expect a full serving on a separate plate. Not a fan of it. The rendang was sweet with spices that were in your face. Lacked the richness and grace from the mellow of coconut milk like those from the Malay or Indonesian renditions.

Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak, Amoy Street Food Centre

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