Monday, March 27, 2023

$1.95 mini boat noodles from Shiok Shiok Night Market

Shiok Shiok Night Market, mini boat noodles

The picture up there might not have accurately depicted how small the mini boat noodles were at Shiok Shiok Night Market (100 Orchard Road) because of the angle at which it was taken. It's a small bowl. Just a few mouthfuls. Not bad tasting to if I might add mostly because of the richness from the pronounced red fermented bean curd/namyu (南乳) flavour in the broth which I didn't expect.

What the picture didn't tell was that 3 to 4 of this little bowl would have made their regular sized bowl which costed $11.40. Definitely made more sense to get 3-4 of these than a regular bowl.

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