Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chicken rice @ My Rice, Balestier Road

My Rice is a chicken rice store with a claim to fame which others cannot. Apparently as stated on the stall, it's chicken rice from the chef formerly of Chatterbox. I don't really know how many chefs have transited over at Chatterbox, but this one at $5 a plate beats paying $20 at Mandarin Hotel. My Rice is located at the first coffee shop along Balestier road. If it helps, this coffee shop is somewhat renown for another stall that sells frog porridge.

Noticeable in the servings was the fairly generous amount of chicken. It's almost Ming Kee portions. Many chicken rice stores are guilty of flattening the meat of the chicken before chopping them up. I never understood the rationale to this practice. It seems to me that the purpose is mere to create an illusion of a larger portion of meant and that also literally squeezes the juice out of the meat resulting in a dry chicken. This stall doesn't do that.

I am generally a chicken breast person because I don't like to deal with bones. The breast meat of this chicken was also noticeably more tender and succulent than the usual. The rice came with saucers of ginger, soy sauce and the chilli sauce which was also quite different from the garlic-ky type that is commonly available. It seems to have a much stronger taste of ginger. Their soup oddly reminded me of french onion soup. I actually finished the bowl of it, so I guess that meant it's pretty good.

Besides chicken rice, the stall also offers sides like pan fried vegetables and tofu. I didn't get the vegetables on recommendation, however the tofu was quite nice.

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Linda said...

Does anyone know where chicken ric@my rice in balestier moved to? We were quite surprised to see it disappear after the renovation.