Friday, November 24, 2006

PaPi, 5 Mohd Sultan Road

PaPi, from what I've read stands for Pasta and Pizza. Located at 5 Mohammad Sultan Road, the restaurant is easily visible from River Valley Road. It's actually located in between Banoo and Patissier. Like Garibaldi, they're one of the shop house restaurant that offers valet parking for their customers. The place was about half filled tonight and this is one of those that has noticeably attentive service despite the small crowd in the restaurant.

The menu of this place I thought was a rather ordinary. A mundane bunch of standard Italian pasta and pizza offerings. Little complains on the quality of the food but the portions were a little dainty. What made eating here a positive experience was that the food is freshly made, done with efficiency and good service. Their pizza had a thin crust was great while it was hot. But that crust got soggy really quickly. Pasta is very decent from what I tried.  The Tagliolini with shrimp and it's bisque "Papi" wa appetising because from the semi spicy sauce which I thought was exceptional.

Dinner began with shared antipasti followed by the pastas and pizza. And a foccacia that tasted like corn bread.

"Vitello tonnato" Classic roasted thinly sliced veal served with tuna fish and caper sauce.

Grilled mix vegetables "Verdure" with sliced smoke scamorza cheese

The Vitello tonnato came with a very distinctive tuna flavour that drowned out the veal. I'm not sure if that's how it's suppose to work. Their grilled vegetables are decent, but the scamorza cheese that came with appeared in ultra thin slices and only two slices at that. I had expected more of the cheese.

"Nero di Seppia" Tagliatelle with fresh squid ink sauce
"Papi" Tagliolini with shrimp and its own bisque
"Frutti di Mare" with basil pesto and mixed seafood
"Papi" with fresh tomato sauce, egg and truffle puree

Everything about the pasta and pizza here was pretty decent. Apart from the Papi pasta with its tasty sauce, I really didn't find anything else that was otherwise noteworthy. I wished that they could be more generous with the seafood in the Frutti di Mare which I thought was miserable. It looked almost like token decoration.

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