Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spanish Fair @ Isetan

This must be the first time that something like these have turned up at Isetan since it's been mostly Japanese and Korean fairs that have made their presence felt in this little corner of the departmental store. Truth be told, after numerous visits, it has started to become a tad boring with the usual stuff in circulation that eventually looks to be a recycled event. Let's hope that this marks the beginning of more of such small food fairs from elsewhere apart from the usual suspects and this Spanish one (9th - 18th Sept), although tiny was probably a good start.

The main draw of the fair for me was probably the Spanish hams which are the counterparts to the prosciutto de Parma of the Italians. I managed to sample some bits along with a couple of variety of chorizos. I don't know if it was really any sweeter but I could taste that there was more depth in the aroma of the sliced jamon which was as mentioned, sliced thicker than the usual encountered for parma ham. I could certainly imagine, if this one being the lowest grades of the major jamon to be considered amongst the artisan Spanish hams, the jamon iberico could probably be something very noteworthy on the palate. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to try them and they don't seem to be available in this fair.

There was a also a variety of cheeses, largely from sheep and inclusive of a blue variety (Valdeón) to be had along with an an assortment of wines, preserved produce, date cake and pastas. I didn't manage to get them all on photo, so there's a little more to see if you head down yourself. Today also marks the first day of their ham slicing demonstration which ends in 3 more days.

Now it wouldn't be proper or characteristic of me at all to just view and just simply walk away without getting anything especially when it's something that new, so here's a borcadillo (baguette) with that jamon serrano and some freshly fried churros with a chocolate dip. Frankly speaking, it was a nice sandwich on heated bread with butter and their Tomaca sauce and all, but there's really nothing majorly exciting over it. I would presume that such a ham would be better savored on its own with little to detract from the natural flavors. Fresh churros are also, nice since there is probably none of them around outside of restaurants. It seems that Alegra, a Spanish restaurant down at Clarke Quay are part of the team that's doing this little fair as they are the counter that's selling all the "street food".

Edit 10.33pm
I've been informed that these fairs do rotate quite a bit, so I've probably never had the chance to see them happen.

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