Sunday, August 02, 2020

Swiss National Day menu at Huber's

This was the first time I had ordered not a Grevensteiner at Huber's. I thought I'd switch out for a Schneider Weisse for the chilled citrus which might be a better foil to the sweltering humidity. There's a Swiss National Day menu happening in the meantime.

With something called a chalet soup which involved pasta, beans, some vegetables, Gruyère, cream and saucisson vaudois. Delicious cheesy soup which wasn't too rich.

Got ourselves a kalbsadrio just like the last year when they had it.

This chicken schnitzel sandwich was from their regular menu. While it looked like it had some cheese, I couldn't taste any of it. Pretty decent piping hot fried chicken sandwich though.

Got ourselves an order of bsoffni öpfel.

A dessert of a baked apple stuffed with cheese, raisins, mango chutney and Calvados. The apple and stuffings were mostly tart. But that's what the scoop of vanilla ice cream was for.

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