Sunday, January 02, 2022

Pizzamaru, Bugis+

Pizzamaru, Bugis+

Many people have their own ideas of what pizza is to them. It's commonly typecasted by experience and anything that departs to a certain degree from the norm typically falls of out of classification. I'm guilty of that but sometimes, I get curious and widen my threshold of acceptance. Like today - to try Pizzamaru (#04-03/04 Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, tel : +65 6634 0930). Korean pizza. Supposedly popular. I hear words like 'Korea's largest pizza chain'. And also fried chicken.

Hmmmm....I wonder what wellbeing dough actually means.

Pizzamaru, truffle mushroom chicago

Here's their truffle mushroom pizza which is a seasonal one for the Xmas period. A 10 incher. Part of their "Chicago pizza" offerings with a bread-y (almost mochi-like) crust that according to them, was made with black rice. That tender bready-y cornicione was stuffed with mozzarella cheese. There's mushroom, onions, cheese and some kind of truffle flavouring for the topping. 

What's atypical was that the cornicione was dusted with icing sugar and covered in sliced almond. It also came with strawberry jam on the side.

There's a familiar flavour profile from the regular toppings but that's kinda where it ends for typical. One also gets sweetness that doesn't normally get associated with such groups of flavour and then there's strawberry jam to go with it. Texture was also not like most pizza. It's actually kinda nice. 

Pizzamaru, onion tartare fried chicken

Fried chicken's good. Meat was juicy and there's a pleasant flavour to the crisp batter. The half bird was topped with "onion tartar". Sharpness from the onions was nice and together with the pickled beets (kinda like chikin mu) on the side were a great counter pairing. Did not like the tartar sauce because it's a little sweet and it wasn't a sweetness I found agreeable.

Pizzamaru, Bugis+

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