Monday, January 17, 2022

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), Seng Poh Road

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), Seng Poh Road

The owner of Ah Chiang's Porridge set up a new porridge shop Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (#01-17, 58 Seng Poh Road, tel : +65 8201 8668) at the premise where Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记) used to be. From what I've learnt, his business partner used to run Sapporo Ramen Miharu - which has since become Kinya Izakaya & Ramen. Said partner no longer owns the ramen business and I postulate that is probably why it has fallen from the ramen-ya it was. 

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), meatball porridge 肉丸粥

Porridge is kinda similar to the one at Ah Chiang. Ah Chiang's might have a thicker consistency. This was the one with meatball. The meatballs seem to be nicer at Ah Chiang. Also, I can't tell what makes charcoal cooked porridge different.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), three egg porridge 三色蛋粥

Pretty disturbed by their three egg porridge (regular, century and salted if you didn't know). It has ginger and coriander in it. Who the fuck puts ginger and coriander into egg porridge? The salted egg was strangely, not salty. Could barely detect the regular eggs. I wanted to leave the bowl untouched. Note to self : gotta tell them to omit all ginger and coriander next time!

In my not so humble opinion it's a much wiser option to get another porridge and add egg(s) rather than to get this particular bowl for the eggs. Why? That gets you the raw egg which they crack into the bowl which will swirl beautifully in the porridge. Won't over cook and will enhance the taste with a richness.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), kung bao frog

Stir fried kung bao frog legs were not bad. I think there were some parts that looked like the spines as well. Decent kung bao sauce that had that smoky sweet and spice which could be drizzled into the porridge. While that sauce wasn't as robust as certain claypot renditions of kung bao frog legs, I'd wouldn't mind this as a substitute.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), salmon yu sheng

There's salmon yu sheng.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), fried fish roe

And some super nice fried fish roe. I think their secret is in their batter which was thin and crisp, covering those thin strips of roe with a good flavoured batter to roe ratio.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), coffee

Kopi di lo was drinkable stuff.

Old Shifu Charcoal Porridge (老师父火炭粥), Seng Poh Road

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