Sunday, January 09, 2022

Do you Lokal?

The Lokal, Neil Road

It's been some time since we last ate at The Lokal. They had venison on menu for the end year season so we found ourselves getting a table one evening.

The Lokal, yuzu shandy

But first a refreshing cold yuzu shandy or two - made with Pilsner Urquell.

The Lokal, goose liver parfait

Much like the chicken liver parfait we had previously, there was also a creamy and smooth goose liver parfait with toasts and onion jam. Nice.

The Lokal, mettbrotchen

That's a mettbrötchen - minced raw pork served on toast. The pork had a taste that was quite similar to pate/sausage. The meat was spiced with pepper (among other things I couldn't tell) and topped with diced onions & chopped spring onions. We liked this.

The Lokal, venison

Their seared venison loin looked awesome. That's their picture above by the way. The one that lured me into getting a reservation. 😬

The Lokal, seared venison loin

What we got looked different. The venison loin looked much smaller than the picture led us to believe but at least we got the delicious seared spatzle. Would have loved a bit more sear/charring on the venison to up the flavour game but I'm not complaining. If anyone's confused, this plate was delicious!

The Lokal, hot smoked ocean trout

Smoked wild trout - also delicious. There's a Bearnaise-y potato salad on the side with pickles and capers that was awesome. What's more, this came with shaven horseradish. I wonder if this is a permanent item on the menu.

The Lokal, sticky date pudding

Lovely sticky date pudding to end. Wished it was bigger. Heh.

The Lokal, Neil Road

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