Wednesday, January 12, 2022

More food from Xing Hua (兴化)

Xing Hua (兴化), tenggiri

Trying more food from Xing Hua. Would recommend the tenggiri (Spanish mackerel) to my enemy. Fish was too thinly cut to survive deep frying well so the meat ended up being dry and hard. Not to mention pretty fishy tasting. I've had enough fried Spanish mackerel in my childhood to know that these were poorly done and not good eating.

Xing Hua (兴化), red wine chicken mee sua

The red wine chicken mee sua (红糟鸡面线) was pretty tasty though - liked the tangy creaminess from the red yeast wine gravy pairing with the smooth vermicelli. Those chunks of chicken were tender.

Xing Hua (兴化), spinach in supreme stock

Pretty good dish of amaranth in a salted yolk infused supreme stock gravy (上汤笕菜). The flavour is pretty similar to the commonly seen three egg spinach dish with a gravy that is creamier.

Xing Hua (兴化), Tiong Bahru Plaza

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